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Tackling waste in the printing and advertising industry

02 february 2022

Waste management in printing houses, and the broadly understood printing and advertising sector, requires dealing with huge amounts of paper waste and other post-production waste. Optimizing waste management will not only improve logistics and operational processes, but also reduce the costs of waste disposal.

Bramidan baling presses in the printing and advertising industry

Production waste is a challenge for many printing houses

Printing houses, publishing houses and printing companies have to tackle the issue of increasing amounts of post-production waste on a daily basis. In the printing industry, the different types of waste vary significantly. For example, printing houses generate large amounts of scrap paper, catalogs, posters, cardboard boxes, plastic foil, as well as aluminum cans and paint packaging.

The loose waste piles up and is stored in warehouses, taking up space and making it difficult to move around. What's more, the need for laborious manual waste reduction and the preparation of mixed or newsprint for resale is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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How are baling machines helping the printing industry?

Properly selected balers and waste presses can effectively accelerate operational and logistical processes related to post-production waste management. This type of machinery can also reduce the volume of waste, compacting it into dense, movable bales.

These bales can then be stored and transported to mills, haulers, and other recycling companies. In addition, pressing waste in balers is intuitive, quick, comfortable, and accessible for all employees after installation and training are completed by a certified technician.

Balers are also praised by companies operating in the printing industry for their easy operation, extremely quiet operation, reliability and the highest level of safety.

Waste from printing works? Time to take care of them!

Waste presses enable printers to significantly reduce the volume of waste, and also reduce downtime associated with the need to dispose of waste.

The balers of the B and X series are eagerly chosen balers for paper and other post-production waste in the printing and advertising industries, which provide optimal pressing force, a wide inlet opening, and the ability to compact all waste generated by the company.

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Our presses and balers can handle a variety of waste


Cardboard boxes in a pile

Paper scraps

Shredded paper in a pile


Soft plastic

Hard plastic

White plastic cans

Vertical balers for Paper Waste

Among others, our customers in the printing industry have recently installed the B20 and X50 balers. We've highlighted only a select few models below; however, Bramidan offers a wide range of balers and compactors. Click here to view the full catalog.

Model B20 - Toss in whole cardboard boxes

Model B20 - Loading the baler with waste

Model B20 - Eject a finished cardboard bale

Model B20 - Ejection of the finished bale

Model X50 - Throw large boxes in the chamber

Model X50 - Placing the waste in the chamber

Model X50 - Removal of finished bale

Model X50 - Removal of finished bale

Check how our balers work

Video: Our baler B30 Wide is safe and easy to operate and has a wide feed opening for even wide cardboard boxes.

Video: The balers in our X-series have strong cross cylinders which give compression of high density bales. You can compact many different waste types.

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