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Limited space? Check where to place a baler 

12 august 2020

Limited space conditions can effectively hinder an investment in necessary equipment and the modernization of operational processes. Do you work with entrepreneurs who are trying to use every square meter of space in the production hall, warehouse or in the back room? Check how a baler for waste compacting can work in the limited available space!

Woman compacting cardboard boxes in a small Bramidan baler B5 Wide

Do you have little space for mounting the baler? That is no longer a problem!

Choosing a place where the waste baler should be installed, should primarily depend on:  

  • stop Internal operating processes.
  • stop Waste flow in the company and the place of its storage.
  • stop Specifics of waste management by machine operators.

The baler for waste should be installed in a position, where it ensures the most efficient sorting and waste compaction. The best place for that is within proximity to the source of waste.

However, in many companies there is a problem with the limited operating space in their halls, warehouses or in back rooms. Unfavorable space conditions effectively limit the freedom of choosing the best place to put the baler. It happens that the machine for waste compacting - usually due to the lack of a better alternative - is installed in places where opening the door of the machine makes it difficult to move along the hallways.

Equally often, balers for compaction waste are installed close to the wall, and their comfortable operation is disturbed by the lack of space. There are several solutions that allow you to better place the baler despite the limited space.

Which waste balers will work in small rooms?

Do you need a baler, but have little space? Select a machine with a vertical (VD) or semi-automatic door (SD). These facilitate loading, while saving space, which is needed for operation. The machine with a vertical door type can be opened automatically or manually. Choosing the automatically opened baler, will additionally increase the efficiency of its loading, allowing not only the space, but also the operators' time, to be optimized. This is a proven solution for narrow rooms.

Are you unsure of the meaning behind the abbreviations VD and SD door, check our article:
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Bramidan Baler B5 Wide VD with vertical door

Baler B5 Wide VD

Bramidan Baler B20 VD with vertical door

Baler B20 VD

Baler X25 AD with automatic door

Baler X25 AD

Need a baler to be placed directly against the wall? No problem, but...

Some balers can be installed near the wall, in order to make a better use of available space. In order for the machine to work in this position, without any problems, it must be equipped with appropriate construction features, and with strap holder for the straps that are located at the front of the baler.

Bramidan Baler B3 small yellow machine

Baler B3

Bramidan Baler B4 and girl with small cardboard box

Baler B4

Woman fills foil waste into Bramidan Baler B5 Wide

Baler B5 Wide


Pay attention to the cylinders

Classic balers in the B-series, are equipped with cylinders in the upper part of the machine, which go beyond the outline of the machine during operation. With a limited working space available, it is worth choosing balers with cross cylinders (X-series), which significantly reduce the height of the machine. Thanks to the smaller height, you can easily place the machine in smaller spaces, e.g. under shelves in a warehouse or in a small room.

Woman compacts plastic waste in Bramidan Baler X10

Baler X10

Man compacts cardboard box into Bramidan Baler X25

Baler X25

Bramidan Baler X30 LP with low profile

Baler X30 LP (Low profile)

Can the waste baler be installed outside of a building?

Of course, it is better to install the baler inside a building, but the device can be also installed outside the building. In this case, it should be remembered that the machine should be under a roof, because atmospheric precipitation may negatively affect the work, as well as contribute to a faster degradation of the components.

It is worth noticing that the baler adversely tolerates low temperatures, as it reduces the lubricating properties of the oil. If the baler will be used outdoors during the winter, or you plan to place it in a cold room, remember to use special hydraulic oil during low temperatures.

To ensure that the baler is always functional and ready to work, it is worth requesting systematic inspections; inspection of the hydraulic system, safety, electrical installation, oil change, maintenance, visit reports with operational recommendations - all this can be provided by our professional service.

Solutions for small rooms - let's summarize...

Bramidan baler with vertical door

VD - Vertical Door

Vertical doors take up little space and facilitate loading from two sides; it is perfect for narrow rooms.

Bramidan baler installed close to the wall

Installation close to the wall

Models with the strap holder installed at the front of the baler, can be placed close to the wall. This solution works well in populated areas.

Low designed Bramidan baler from the X-series with cross cylinders inside

The cross cylinders (X series)

The cross cylinders will significantly reduce the height of the machine. Thanks to this, the baler will easily fit under the shelves in a warehouse, or in a small room.

Installation of a Bramidan baler outside under a roof

Installation of the baler outside the building

If there is not enough space in the warehouse or hall, the machine can be placed outside. The baler should then be installed under a roof so it is protected from harmful weather conditions.

Do you have little space? Find a baler customized to your business

Are you looking for the right baler for waste compaction? Discover our comprehensive offer and choose the best solution from the wide range of Bramidan products. Do you have doubts about the choice of the machine? Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

We also invite you to visit our News collection of balers and compactors.

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