Jobs at Bramidan

Are you looking for global challenges and prospects in your life? Bramidan is always looking for qualified employees.

Dedicated employees are a part of our brand

At Bramidan headquartes in Denmark we develop and manufacture high quality machines, some of the best in the market. This can only be done by effective leadership and dedicated employees. All aiming at the same goals.

What does Bramidan expect of its employees?

With years of continous expansion in Denmark and abroad, it is necessary to have employees who have the sufficient knowledge and the right mindset. But also a good team spirit and willingness to help a collegue are characteristics of a Bramidan employee.

At the production site many types of job functions are represented. In the production areas both welders, machine fitters and painters are working together. Our service engineers are mostly on the road, while our accountants steadily rule the finances.

In the sales department and R&D the heart of Bramidan pumps and both sales staff and engineers work to secure the present and future sales of machines. In the meantime Logistics binds all loose ends together, doing their part of job to obtain: Quality on Time.

I work in the R&D and like the challenges we meet when improving existing balers or working on new models.

— Mr Daniel Pilgaard, Engineer - employeed 2016

Hans Lautrup Rema 1000 in front of Bramidan baler

If you have any questions, please contact us

Anne Mette B. Kristiansen

Administrative coordinator

phone+45 7517 3266

Anne Mette B. Kristiansen