Bramidan is one of Europe's leading suppliers of baler and compactor solutions.

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About us

We develop and produce machines for compaction of recyclable waste. We have a strong brand in the market with more than 40 years' experience and a wide global network.


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What we aim for...

We want to offer the best and most competitive solutions for waste volume compaction in the business. How?

  • check Focus on 10 years Total Cost of Ownership
  • check Prove that we are the right choice over time
  • check Get under the skin of our customers and their needs

Together with us, our customers will recycle waste in a better, more efficient and much cheaper way.


Bramidan factory plant with robot powder coating

Powder coating robots facilitate faster production of balers

08/10/2020 Investment in a new factory plant with per-treatment and robot powder coating saves time in the production. At the same time, it is a more environmentally friendly solution than the previous wet painting. Read more

Big bags compacted into bales and stacked on pallets

Compact big bags in a baler

07/10/2020 Big bags are the ideal solution for transporting and temporarily storing loose goods. Save space by compacting empty big bags. Read more

New Service Support Manager

28/09/2020 Bramidan has appointed Jacob Bank as our new Service Support Manager with the purpose of boosting our technical support on balers. Read more

Distribution center with many cardboard boxes for sorting

Vertical or horizontal baler for distribution centers?

11/09/2020 Such compaction equipment in distribution centers proves to be invaluable when it comes to streamlining logistics processes and reducing costs for waste management. Read more