Co 2 emission

Environmental & Sustainability

We strive to make a difference in the recycling value chain, enabling sustainable growth for our customers.

Environmental policy


We will comply with applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations.

Environmental management

We are working with an environmental management system to reduce the company’s environmental impact and continually implement environmental improvements.

The target in the future is to become ISO 14001 certified.

Resources and waste

Our focus is always on optimal utilization of raw materials and processing supplies through production planning so that resource consumption and waste volume is minimized.

Emissions / energy

Our painting is done using a powder coating system with reduced emissions of organic solvents.

We systematically work to reduce energy consumption with a particular emphasis on ventilation, compressed air systems, and heating systems.

Sustainability / Climate report

Bramidan is further working on specific Climate/ C02 footprint improvement and sustainability goals.

A few examples include:

  • stopProducing waste balers with a long service life
  • stopRecycling of end-of-life balers
  • stopAn oil cleaning system when servicing balers in lieu of changing oil

Environmental and energy issues are included in the assessments relating to changes in production and new facilities.


We actively involve our employees in answering the environmental concerns of suppliers through information and education.

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

On a yearly basis, we report key figures for the Environment, Social and Governance data in the annual Financial report. This makes it possible to monitor the environmental impact and open a dialogue with the company's customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Assembly line at the headquarter in Denmark

Working environment

Health and Safety policy

The goal of Bramidan’s health and safety policy is to prioritize safety in the company’s daily operations, and thus ensure the employees’ health and safety in their daily work life.

The safety groups actively work with risk assessment, safety rounds, accident prevention, and are involved in safety procedures that can improve both mental and physical health. We constantly strive to be a desirable workplace.


We comply with applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

Workplace Management system

We integrate occupational health and safety into the management system. The target in the future is to become ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system certified.


We focus on educating and training our employees in occupational health and safety to ensure motivation and engagement. We make sure that new employees are being onboarded and trained properly.

Continuous Improvements

Bramidan has implemented an ongoing Business Improvement system for Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental assessment. All employees are involved in the process.