Bramidan headquarters building with green lawn and cars in front

Our company

For more than 40 years we have developed and produced balers and waste handling equipment for many customer groups around the world.

Infographic about Bramidan Groupe and its history

What we aim for...

We want to offer the best and most competitive solutions for waste compaction in the business. How?

  • doneFocus on 10 years Total Cost of Ownership
  • doneProve that we are the right choice over time
  • doneUnderstand our customers and their needs

Together with us, our customers will recycle waste in a better, more efficient and much cheaper way.

Factory of the future

We wanted to reduce our factory lead time and therefore we invested in a pre-treatment and robot powder coating plant. With this new plant we can produce a vertical baler from start to finish within 24 hours.

The VR-programming saves time in the coating process and the powder coating robots facilitate quick shift between colours.

Within the last years we also installed welding robots and streamlined our production with conveyor belts and ergonomic workplaces in the welding section and finishing part of the factory. So we fell that we have a factory that is ready for the future.

Who uses our balers?

Our broad product range easily answers the demands of many different businesses. By constantly listening to the market we have built a tradition of providing our customers with what they really need. Our customers rely on us. So can you.

Expect reliability and efficiency

After more than 40 years of supplying balers to satisfied customers within many different industries and businesses, we know that efficient waste handling makes a valuable and very visible difference. Decades of experience - and close contact with the people who actually use our balers - makes it possible for us to create solutions, which provide the reliability and efficiency our customers have come to expect from a Bramidan solution.

The widest range and highest safety

Today, we are proud to offer one of the widest product programmes in the market. Each of our machines is specially optimised to handle cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials. With a keen eye on safety, all our balers are designed and built to the highest quality standards, offering years of trouble-free operation.

Your success is our most important goal

No matter whether you purchase, or rent your baler directly from us or through one of our distributors, we want you to achieve the maximum business value.

This ambition is a central part of how we do business. It is also why we go to great lengths to ensure that our worldwide network of distributors and service partners can quickly provide the help you need, in any matter regarding your baler solution.

By keeping our partners up-to-date on new possibilities and the special needs of our many markets, you can rely on a return on your investment that is not easily matched.