How does the X30 baler work?

Time-saving and easy waste handling

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the baler.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection.

The X30 Galvanized baler is safe and easy to operate

Safe and easy to operate

As quiet as an air conditioner

Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

Make the most of your equipment with our IOT solution. We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. Faster and better decisions, reducing your costs of operation while minimizing your impact on the environment. Access through the BRA-IN Webportal or App.*

  • check Data collection – of fill levels, bales ready for collection, equipment errors etc.
  • check Visualization – follow performance and location of machines.
  • check Interaction – with your machines, via relevant notifications to you or service partners.

*Requires active subscription, availability may vary from country to country

Who uses our vertical balers?

Many types of customers use our balers for compaction of waste:

They benefit from a Bramidan solution - read more

Retail Stores

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Webshop – Own Distribution

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Distribution & Warehouse

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Industry & Manufacturing

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Fast Food Chains

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Recycling Stations

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Waste Handling Companies

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Public Sector

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Questions asked about this baler

Our Flap Door is specially developed for handling PET bottles.

The Flap Door works just like a chute for the bottles and makes it easy to throw bottles directly into the baler either separately or in full sacks.

Yes, you may use a baler for compacting light metal waste like food cans and aluminium cans.

You need a baler with a relatively high press force to compact empty aluminium cans. It is important that the material is well compacted from the very first press cycle. Our X-series balers, which have cross cylinders with long cylinder strokes, are very suitable for this purpose.

We recommend that you put a layer of cardboard at the bottom and on top of the bale to keep it stable. Sometimes you might also benefit from wrapping the finished bale with plastic film.

No, you don’t need to clean the cans before compressing them. The most important thing is that they are empty.
However, we supply balers with draining system and a drip tray to handle residual liquids from cans. To prolong the service life of your machine you may consider a galvanized model.

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