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Zefyr Invest focuses on sustainability

18 januarY 2021

Zefyr Invest from Esbjerg is now buying its third company, Danish Bramidan A/S in Bramming. Behind the acquisition are a number of solid local families who participate in the investment collaboration Zefyr Invest, as well as Bramidan’s employees from the management team.

Photo: Henrik Dueholm Madsen CEO Bramidan (back), Kurt Bering Sørensen Chairman of the Board (left), Birgitte Nygaard Jørgensen and Lars Stagaard Jensen (right) from Zefyr Invest.

New investors want growth and jobs

Lars Stagaard Jensen from Zefyr says about the choice of Bramidan: “The increasing focus on waste recycling in the western part of the world, together with the fact that Denmark is known and recognized worldwide for our focus on sustainability and recycling, makes it natural for customers all over the world to look towards Denmark and a skilled niche company like Bramidan, when it comes to purchasing products for waste recycling. The company has been on the market for many years and is a well-known and respected manufacturer in the industry ”.

For the entire investor community, it is important that some of the wealth that has been created by running family businesses for generations is reinvested in companies like Bramidan. Investors place great emphasis on investing in a well-run company where there is solid growth potential. The entire management team continues in the new ownership structure, and so does the staff. Kurt Bering Sørensen will be chairman of the board.

Henrik Dueholm Madsen CEO Bramidan med ny bestyrelsesformand og investorer fra Zefyr Invest

I feel really good about investing and joining a company where there is a good management and also a large production of products that support the transition to a more circular economy. Here is the potential to sell even more of the products that the company already offers.”

— Kurt Bering Sørensen, Chairman of the board

Kurt Bering Sørensen på besøg hos Bramidan

Strong foundation for the future

Henrik Dueholm Madsen, CEO: “I look forward to being part of the new owners. It means a lot to me that Bramidan still has investors, who have the long term in mind and consist of solid business people who have run their own business. These are the best conditions to grow a company under, and Bramidan still has a lot of potential ”.