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Unique oil cleaning when servicing your baler provides a significant environmental effect

22 April 2021

We have developed a unique and revolutionary system to clean the oil from your vertical baler when we service the machine. It is even a certified system, so we can see and approve the values ​​for the purified oil on site.

Bramidan ballepresser X40 Wide med særlig bred ifyldningsåbning og en færdig papballe

Pioneering oil purification - we purify and recycle the oil

As the first player in the market, Bramidan has developed a certified solution for environmentally friendly oil cleaning on site. Oil cleaning of up to 30 liters of hydraulic oil is carried out at the same time as the service technician performs the annual service inspection of the baler.

All oil tests are performed with a specially developed oil purifier unit, which continuously analyzes the purified oil and the oil purifier unit does not stop until a purity corresponding to ISO4406 18/16/13 or 17/15/12 is achieved.

At the same time, the water level in the analysis unit is monitored.

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Durability of hydraulic oil

How do you prevent the quality of the oil in your baler from deteriorating?

In theory, hydraulic oil has an unlimited shelf life, but the quality of the oil can be degraded by three external influences: particles, water and heat. The oil purifier unit takes care of the first two factors, as the filters used in the oil purifier unit are developed to be able to absorb the water in the oil.

Dirt in the oil

We purify the oil of particles.

Water in the oil

During the erection, any water in the oil.

Heat exposure

The quality of the oil can be affected by heat.

We work for a sustainable environment

Unique system developed for oil purification means recycling oil

With this landmark innovation in oil purification, Bramidan contributes to achieving world goal no.12 = Responsible consumption and production. Thus, the development of the mobile oil purifier is a result of Bramidan's participation in the SDG Accelerator Program under the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), which aims, among other things, to develop new products that makes a positive contribution to sustainable solutions for the world's most pressing challenges.

Every year millions of hydraulic oil are replaced and discarded - what do we do?

Hydraulic oil is an essential prerequisite for a hydraulic system to function optimally by transmitting power and minimizing wear and frictional resistance. Thus, hydraulic oil is a necessity in industrial machinery, aircraft, cars, ships, lifting equipment and very many other places. Every year, millions of liters of hydraulic oil are replaced with new hydraulic oil, after which the used oil is discarded. We want to help reduce that.

With the development of the mobile oil purifier unit, we want to take a co-responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of the produced Bramidan balers as best as possible.

Your service agreement with us includes oil cleaning

When the oil can not be dispensed with, it has been necessary to look at how to reduce consumption and use the oil for the longest possible time. We have done that at Bramidan. If you have a service agreement with us on your balers , we provide an annual hydraulic oil cleaning. It helps to ensure you stable operation of the baler, and together with us you help to protect the environment.

Monitor your baler with BRA-IN Intelligence

Now we carry out the oil cleaning at the customer's

The company has for a number of years used oil purification at the factory itself, but has now gone a step further, so that in future this is an option for each individual customer.

Advanced sensors have made it possible to switch to predictive maintenance, which results in a more consumption-based replacement of the oil, and only when it is no longer possible to purify the oil satisfactorily will the oil be replaced.

Data collection and optimization of operations

With a BRA-IN modem in your baler, we can keep track of how many cycles the machine is running and when there is a need to clean the oil. This depends on how much the machine is used. When the machine is in use, the cylinders run and then the oil gets dirty.

We focus on cost minimization. As a customer with us, you can feel safe: We only do what is necessary for your waste baler to run optimally.

Several types of service agreements - what suits you?

We offer several types of service agreements for your waste compactors. You are welcome to call and hear more, or get an overview of the service agreements here.

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