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Reduce waste volume in retail stores, using balers for compaction

junE 8, 2020

Companies in the retail sector face many challenges every day. One of them is the efficient management of various types of waste: cardboard, soft plastic or paper. All of them take up a lot of space, and their transport requires considerable costs. Is this problem in your store? Find out how to solve it!

Balers in Retail

Packaging waste in a store: how to deal with it?

Waste in a smaller store is often as big a problem as in large area stores. The small amount of space in the backroom has long been a problem in terms of efficient waste reduction mainly due to its volume.

Smaller stores are helped by balers with a compact design which, like their larger counterparts, are used to compact waste efficiently into handy bales. By optimizing the space taken up by the waste, you can gain more valuable space in the backroom or storage area, increasing the throughput of communication routes.

The balers will keep your workplace tidy, no matter how much waste you produce every day. It's worth knowing that this type of equipment works equally well in medium size and large stores.

Compact designed balers in the backroom: what to choose?

The range of compact designed balers that can easily be installed even in a small backroom is quite extensive. Which one should you choose? If you have any doubts, it's best to contact one of the sales persons from the company offering this type of equipment - they are experts you can rely on.

However, it is worth to have an insight into what the market offers. Recommended small and fully functional balers include the B3 (bundled with a bale cart) and B4. These balers are dedicated to small stores.

B3 & B4 balers

  • stopExtremely simple and safe operation
  • stopUniversal
  • stopMinimal occupied space

For medium-sized stores, B5 Wide model with wide filling opening, designed for efficient compacting of large and bulky materials, will work.

B5 Wide baler

  • stop50% larger filling opening compared to the B3 model
  • stopThe chamber is more than twice as large
  • stopThe bale is more than 2.5 times larger compared to B3

B5 Wide balers can be equipped with vertical doors (VD), which open vertically upwards to save space around the baler. Do you want to know more about the types of baler doors? 

Recommended balers for retail chains

These are, of course, only the selected models from a wide range of waste balers

Baler B3

The small area (0.67 m2) and the total height of the baler (1885 mm) allow installation even in small backrooms. A handy cart included, makes it easy to transport bales.

Technical specifications

Baler B3

Baler B4

A device with high press force, effectively compacts packaging waste. The compact baler with a width of 940 mm and height <2 metres takes up little space.

Technical specifications

Baler B4

Baler B5 Wide

The wide opening (1 meter) makes it easy to compact large, bulky boxes. Even very large boxes can be thrown directly into the baler without having to be cut into pieces.

Technical specifications

Baler B5W

Operation of the baler is very simple

In addition to device delivery, we guarantee staff training.

Baler B3 - loading the baler with waste, such as cardboard, plastic

Loading the baler with waste, such as cardboard and plastic

Baler B3 - removing the bale from the baler

Removing the bale from the baler 

Baler B3 - transportation of bales with a handy cart

Transportation of bales with a handy cart

No more wasting time managing waste in the store

Efficient, simple, and fast compacting of waste in balers not only helps to save space in the backroom, but also reduces the time wasted by employees on cutting or folding bulky boxes. In this way, they gain more time to contact the customer, take care of the stock, and perform other tasks related to their work.

Small balers are great for retail. Why? They are extremely simple, safe, offer an intuitive operation and have low operating costs.

Additionally, compacting waste into small and light bales makes storage and transporting much easier, which is extremely important in the retail sector. You don't even need a cart to move the handy bales from one place to another!

Waste balers are machines that have long been used by the most famous stores, super- and hypermarkets on the market, for which effective compacting of waste into handy bales is extremely important. Thanks to balers, stores significantly reduce the volume of all cardboard boxes or foil stored in the backroom.

Get even more!

Balers working in stores can be equipped with BRA-IN Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution. Thanks to the modem and SIM card installed in the machine, you can have access to information about the current filling level of the machine, the number of bales made, or even your service needs. All this will enable you to organize your transport efficiently when the amount of waste reaches a certain level.

Thanks to BRA-IN, the person responsible for waste management can observe in real time the operation of all machines located in many stores.

Any downtime in the baler operation causes a rapid increase in waste, which quickly fills up the backroom. How to avoid this? Take advantage of the nationwide service that will help you and repair your device failure or malfunction. 

​Gain a new source of income through thoughtful waste management

The reduction of waste volume thanks to balers allows for multi-dimensional savings in medium and large stores.

Firstly they gain the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and increase waste management efficiency. Thanks to this, they can obtain higher quality of waste for recycling and increase revenues from resale of raw materials on the secondary market.

Secondly, the stores significantly compact the waste they produce, which reduces its volume and allows for less frequent transport, consequently reducing the cost of disposal.

Thirdly, the effective sorting and utilization of cartons, foil or paper allows employees to gain more time for real, profitable activities.

An investment in this type of machine allows to gain a cleaner and more orderly workplace, significantly reduce the costs associated with waste management in the company and at the same time - increase revenues from reselling high-quality secondary raw materials.

Are you looking for a baler for a small backroom?

Explore Bramidan's wide range of compact designed balers dedicated to various sizes of stores operating in the retail sector. We offer the possibility of providing our machines for free trail, as well as financing them through rental. Do you want to learn more? Contact us.

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VIDEO: Check how our B3 and B4 compact balers work


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