Post-production waste - how to deal with this challenge

8 march 2022

Every factory generates various types of waste from packaging and post-production. These include cardboard and plastic materials such as hard plastic and foil, materials that can be recycled. Managing them is often problematic, involving high costs. How to reduce the volume of them? Invest in modern balers from a reliable distributor. Find out why balers make waste management more effective!

Bramidan baler in the production hall

Waste management in a production facility - why can this be problematic?

In production facilities employees deal with different types of waste every day. This can often be a logistical challenge to manage.

Post-production waste can create many problems due to:

  • stopThe large quantities and often large size of fractions - the waste can be heavy and bulky
  • stopConstant involvement of employees in collecting, transporting and storing the waste within the company    
  • stopRestrictive recycling regulations - the disposal of cardboard, plastic, foil and other plastics requires sorting and appropriate storage
  • stopDifficulties in keeping workplaces clean and tidy
  • stopHigh costs associated with waste collection and disposal

The Bramidan range of balers for cardboard, plastic, foil and other recyclable materials will solve these challenges. We sell many models of vertical and horizontal balers. The variety of machines in terms of design, size and functionality makes it easy to match them to both your needs and the space in which they will operate.

Efficient waste management with balers

- invest in balers for compaction of cardboard, plastic and other production waste!

INEFFICIENT waste management system

Inefficient waste management system

EFFECTIVE waste management system

Effective waste management system

As factories often have to manage large amounts of production waste, there are many advantages in purchasing a baler. A modern baler for foil, plastic and cardboard compacts waste into a compact bale. In this way, the machine used in the company will contribute, among other things, to:

  • stopBetter organisation of working hours - operation is quick and easy (a Bramidan technician always trains staff during installation, and can arrange training for new staff later on)
  • stopIncreased revenue from the sale of recyclables - the material to be recycled is ready for collection as tied bales
  • stopReduce the amount of space required for waste storage
  • stopReduce costs of transportation of post-production waste within the facility - the baler is installed directly at waste source, e.g. alongside the production line
  • stopImproved workflow by e.g. quick removal of loose waste

Important, when you invest in balers from Bramidan, you are investing in equipment that is safe to operate. Our balers for plastic, cardboard and other waste meet the stringent safety standards EN 16500, EN 16252 and EN 16486.

These machines will make waste management in your production company easier, more efficient and cheaper. As the machines are designed to work with the BRA-IN system, you can monitor and analyse data about their operation.

Waste balers from Bramidan - which models are recommended for the manufacturing industry?

At Bramidan we have a number of balers for production companies that will improve waste management in your company. We recommend models such as:

B20 baler

  • stop Produces bales from cardboard (200-250 kg), plastic foil (250-300 kg)
  • stop Strapping rolls are located at the front, saving space with the baler placed closed to the wall
  • stop Optional - Vertical Door (VD) for space saving and easy loading from both sides

B20 baler man fills plastic into the machine

X25 baler 

  • stop Produces bales from cardboard (200-300 kg), plastic foil (250-350 kg)
  • stop Low machine height (<2 metres) 
  • stop Flap Door (FD) and Automatic Door (AD) are optional. The FD door facilitates the loading of small and loose waste, preventing them from spilling. The AD door closes and opens automatically after each press cycle

X25 baler

B30 Wide baler

  • stop Produces large cardboard and plastic foil bales of 400-600 kg 
  • stop Extra wide chamber (>1.5 metres) - ideal even for large boxes
  • stop Option - Semi-Automatic Door (SD) opens automatically after the compacting cycle
  • stop Optimisation of operator working hours

B30 Wide baler

B50 baler

  • stop Produces large cardboard and film bales of 400-550 kg 
  • stop Fast bale cycle for optimised work output
  • stop Strapping rollers located at the front, allowing installation against a wall
  • stop Option - Semi-Automatic Door (SD) opens automatically after the compacting cycle

B50 baler

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Order modern balers and improve your waste management

Make it easier and cheaper to manage your company's production waste with balers. Choose balers for recyclable waste materials, including plastic and cardboard. We offer balers that are efficient and functional, which if well chosen will improve your logistic processes. Contact our consultants and they will tell you which model is best for your production facility!

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