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Wide filling opening and low profile design for large HD duty baler

5 JUNE 2019

Do you need a low profile baler with high press force? Our model X40 Wide is a machine that fits under an 2,4 meter ceiling, and still makes a 400 kg cardboard bale.

This is a superior machine with a 1500 mm wide filling opening and strong press force of 40 tons. Its heavy duty construction makes it suitable for compacting numerable types of waste.

Use this low profile baler for compaction of recyclable waste fractions like cardboard, soft plastic, PET bottles, big bags, aluminium cans etc., and you get valuable mill size bales.

Technical specifications

Read all details and technical specification about this new X40 Wide baler.

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Notice these features

  • doneWide filling opening
  • doneLow overall height
  • doneMinimum 400 kg. bale of cardboard


Which waste fractions does it compact?

The X40 Wide from our strong X-series balers can compact numerous types of waste:

Soft plastic

PET bottles


Paper bags

Aluminium cans

Plastic jugs

Metal cans

Big bags

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