Compact your aluminium cans in a baler and save valuable floor space

16 JUNe 2021

In Quebec the company Solucan needed a solution to handle their off-print cans. Our distributor Kernic Systems recommended the galvanized baler PC24 HD for efficient compaction of their waste cans.

Installation of a baler for cans went smoothly

Solucan are proud to be North America’s first completely digital printer for canned beverages. During the production of off-prints, they aim to print the perfect cans for their customers.

In order to recover the costs of their waste and to reduce space and volume of their off-print cans, they needed a little help from a waste handling specialist. Kernic Systems had the idea and the baler to cope with that request.

Compacting manageable bales of 30-120 lbs each

After consulting Kernic Systems in Burlington, Canada, a PC24 Galvanized vertical baler from Bramidan was installed at Solucan. This galvanized model allows for easy maintenance and cleaning while compacting their waste cans into manageable 30-120 lbs bales. The easily manageable bales help Solucan recover the costs of their off-prints, allowing them to focus on the creativity on the can.

How can a vertical baler help you?

Growth in any business always brings new and exciting challenges. One of those challenges is the logistics behind increased waste recycling and disposal.

Bramidan vertical balers can reduce the volume of your recyclable materials and streamline your process for their disposal or removal. With low profiles, very high safety features, and the noise level of your average conversation, these balers are the answer to your waste and disposal challenges.

Space is always at a premium, and vertical balers can make the most of every square foot. If your company is placed in Canada, you are welcome to reach out to our distributor Kernic Systems to help with your waste disposal and recovery programs.

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