Compact big bags in a baler

07 October 2020

Big bags are the ideal solution for transporting and temporarily storing loose goods. Save space by compacting empty big bags.

Many companies use big bags - also called Junkbags - for storage and transport of gravel and stones, but also agricultural products such as grain, waste and building materials.

It's a smart solution, but what do you do with these big bags when they are empty?

Often the empty sacks are folded, placed on pallets and stored in a container. This often means handling that disrupts the work area and that can cause health problems and unnecessary use of employees' time.

Recycle your big bags! A large baler located close to the waste source is the solution. Instead of frequently transporting the empty sacks, with a lot of air in between, you can instead compress them and settle with far less transports of compact bales with the forklift. The container does not need to be emptied as often, which means that transport costs will be much lower. It also affects your environmental impact, with less CO2 emissions.

We can offer a solution for compaction of your big bags.

The main task of a baler is to reduce the volume of your recyclable waste, in this case the space that the empty big bags take up after use.

Can a baler reduce your operating costs?

As the business grows, so does the amount of waste. This means greater logistical challenges. The more waste, the higher the disposal costs, and the more space is needed for storage.

A Bramidan baler for your used big bags can contribute to a significant reduction in operating costs.

By compressing big bags in the machine, you can quickly reduce the number of overfilled containers because compressed big bags take up much less space.

With a reduction in the number of container emptied, your business can save a lot.

An X30 baler is ideal for compacting empty big bags, and it is a strong and reliable machine.

In addition, when your big bags are compressed into compact bales, you can negotiate better prices with your waste collector and make it possible to generate revenue from this sale. It is worth knowing that compressed raw material has an higher value, so you can get a significantly higher selling price.

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