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A baler can now be produced in less than 24 hours

08 Oktober 2020

Bramidan had a vision that we could produce a vertical baler in less than 24 hours. Now we are able to do that. An investment in a new factory plant for pre-treatment and powder coating with robots has made it possible. At the same time, the powder coating gives the balers a much stronger surface.


  • doneFaster production of a vertical baler, less than 24 hours
  • doneMuch more environmentally friendly process, no solvents
  • doneWater consumption reduced with 90%.
  • donePowder coating makes the baler surface much stronger.


With the new plant for pre-treatment and powder coating, we can manufacture a baler in less than 24 hours. At the same time, we have a much more environmentally friendly pre-treatment and powder coating process, which is in line with our other work towards the Suistainable Development Goals.

— Henrik Dueholm Madsen, CEO at Bramidan A/S

Henrik Dueholm Madsen in front of powder coating robots

Smart suspension, efficient pre-treatment
and VR-programmed powder coating

The factory plant's success is, among other things, depending on a careful preparation with correct suspension of the machine parts, efficient cleaning and not least a meticulous VR programming of the powder coating robots. Without this, the savings and the results obtained would not be present.

The graphical overview shows the process that the baler parts go through in the pre-treatment and robot coating system, right from the start with suspension, pre-treatment and powder coating to the end with cooling and dismantling. The painted items continue on a conveyor belt into the assembly area and quality control.

Bramidan's factory plant with pre-treatment and robot powder coating of cardboard balers

After suspension, the products have a pre-treatment of 3 steps: degreasing, rinsing with demineralized water and a chemical surface treatment.

Plant for pre-treatment and powder coating of Bramidan balers

It is very important that the machines are hung up correctly from the very beginning, to avoid problems later in the robot section.

Boom with holes for suspension of cardboard balers

Programming of the robots takes place with Virtual Reality. A subsequent test with simulation prevents errors before the robots start their powder coating.

VR programming of powder coating robots

The powder coating gives the balers a much more resistant surface than the traditional wet coating.

Robots paint press plate for Bramidan waste balers

The powder coating robots can quickly change color. A color change takes approx. one minute. It is extremely time-saving and makes production planning more flexible.

Robot powder gun is preparing color change

In the powder kitchen we handle the powder. The usual colors for Bramidan balers are yellow and dark gray, which are delivered in 400 kilo sacks.

Powder kitchen with control panel for controlling Bramidan's powder coating robots

The products are "baked" inside the curing oven at 200 degrees for one hour. Next, they dry the cooling zone.

Baler inside the curing oven and balers on their way to a cooling zone

After the baler has been taken down from the boom, it is placed on a conveyor for transport to the finishing line and quality control, before leaving the factory.

Bramidan baler is taken down from boom and placed on conveyor belt

Our new plant for pre-treatment
and powder coating is much more
environmentally friendly.

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