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Balers in the gastronomy sector - how to meet your daily waste handling challenges?

november 18, 2021

Every gastronomic establishment, regardless of the nature of its activities, produces large quantities of various waste fractions. Some of them may pose a risk to both employees and the environment. For this reason, such companies must comply with regulations related to waste management and packaging disposal. Find out how to deal with waste handling and why it is worth using reliable and up-to-date balers in the catering industry.

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What is waste in gastronomy?

The waste coming from restaurants, among others, is mainly various types of empty and used packaging, both cardboard and plastic. Especially the second fraction represents a big danger - it has to be recycled, because if it ends up in nature, it remains there for hundreds of years. This is one of many reasons why it is worth using balers in the catering industry.

At Bramidan, we offer reliable machines and are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Waste management in gastronomy - key principles

The owner of a catering facility should know what principles must be followed in waste management, including disposal of empty packaging used from supplies for the gastronomy work.

Benefits of waste compaction

  • done Reduced waste collections of filled bins mean less costs
  • done Sorting and preparing waste for recycling gives a greener profile
  • done Safe and clean facilities in narrow spaces provide a better working environment


If you run a restaurant or a catering business and you have a lot of packaging, we recommend buying compact balers. Contrary to what you may think, these balers are not only perfect for waste paper or cardboard, but also for plastic foil. In our product range you will find, among others, baler models B3 and B4. They will be perfect for the catering business as they take up little space, even in rooms with low ceilings. What's more, they are easy to use - our technicians always provide training for your staff when installing the machines.

We also offer galvanised models, such as the baler PC24 HD. Our galvaniced machine are made for hard environments where a special surface is needed. The PC24 HD compacts PET bottles, aluminium cans and tin cans. All residuals are being lead into the built-in reservoir.

Why should you use balers for compacting restaurant packaging?

In addition to typical food leftovers for disposal, every restaurant also generates large amounts of packaging. This includes both cardboard and foil, plastic and empty cans or PET bottles. When planning waste management in gastronomic premises, it is worth thinking about purchasing balers for compaction of these fractions.

Investing in baling machines for catering brings many benefits, because:

  • stopThey are easy, convenient and safe to use - our balers have a wide opening and meet the EN16500 safety standard
  • stopThey are universal - suitable for cardboard, foil packaging and aluminium cans.
  • stopWhen you compact your waste into bales, it takes up much less space and finished bales are easy to store. Our small balers B3 and B4 turn your waste into handy bales weighing up to 50 kg.
  • stopThe bales simply need to be tied off and stacked, ready for your waste collector.

These are just some of the reasons why restaurants and catering companies should invest in balers. Contact us - we will show you the benefits of choosing machines and prepare a customised offer for you.

The baler is very easy to operate

Woman fills soft plastic waste into Bramidan B4 baler

Versatility - compact various fractions

One machine for all types of waste you need to compact: Cardboard, paper and plastic foil.

Woman fills cardboard boxes into small B3 baler from Bramidan

Easy to operate

Easy and fast chamber loading, even in narrow spaces.

Woman ejects small cardboard bale from Bramidan baler model B4

Time saving

The B4 baler has automatic bale ejection, quick and safe in use.

Order reliable balers for your restaurant waste handling!

You run a catering business or a restaurant and want to create an efficient waste management system? Invest in a baler! Feel free to contact us. We have many models to choose from, including balers with a compact design that are ideal for small spaces in catering establishments.

We also recommend, among others our models with special door types like VD (vertical door), SD (sliding door), FD (flap door) and AD (automatic door), which can be placed directly against the wall. We offer both equipment for compacting dry and wet packaging. For all balers we offer professional service for quick help and regular safety check.

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