Highlights and product features

Extraction of liquids

The PC24 HD combines baling and draining of plastic bottles and alu cans in one step. The residuals are being captured in the built-in reservoir.

Alu cans

The PC24 HD will compact alu cans so dense that it will stick together.

PC24 HD Galvanized - bottle and can crusher:

  • stop Heavy duty construction
  • stop Extremely dense bales
  • stop Flap Door for easy loading of waste material
  • stop Completely closed chamber with a built-in liquid reservoir
  • stop Option for regular paint instead of galvanized

How does the baler work?

Time-saving and easy waste handling

  1. Fill your plastic bottles or aluminium cans into the baler.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection.

Safe and easy to operate

Safe and easy to operate

Safe and easy to operate

As quiet as an air conditioner

Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

With our BRA-IN monitoring solution you can make faster and better decisions while reducing your costs of operation*.

  • check Automated pick-ups and alerts possible
  • check Online access to live status of your equipment
  • check Output documentation possible

*Requires BRA-IN modem and subscription

Who uses the PC24 HD?

Our Bramidan machines are used by many types of customers. Our PC24 HD is ideal for smaller recyclers, breweries, bottling plants etc.

They benefit from a Bramidan solution - read more

Retail Stores

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Webshop – Own Distribution

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Distribution & Warehouse

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Industry & Manufacturing

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Fast Food Chains

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Recycling Stations

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Waste Handling Companies

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Public Sector

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Questions asked about this baler

All types of cans! You can compress aluminium cans, tin cans, paint cans, food cans etc. All types of hazardous and non-hazardous cans op to 30 litres, but you can’t compress pressurised spray cans.

A full chamber indicator blinks when the baler is full. It is a small orange light placed just under the start button. Furthermore, the press plate will stay down on the bale and prevent you from putting more waste into the baler when it is full.
You can also add a BRA-IN monitoring solution to your machine and be advised automatically when the baler is full. You receive an email or text message when a bale is ready to be tied off and ejected. With a BRA-IN solution your waste collector can be advised when the agreed number of bales are ready for pick-up.

Read more about the benefits of the Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution, which we call BRA-IN.

Our balers are extremely silent. They are equipped with advanced state of the art power packs, which make them the most silent balers in the market. In general, our balers make the same noise as a printer or regular face to face conversation. This means that they can easily be placed close to work spaces without affecting the working environment negatively.

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