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  • Woman puts cardboard boxes into small footprint balers

    Small balers for easy compaction of waste

    For recycling of cardboard and plastic in tight spaces

  • EN16500 icon and Bramidan baler model X25

    EN 16500 - European Safety Standard

    Your guarantee for safe operation of vertical balers

  • Cardboard bales from reliable and user-friendly balers

    Bramidan is one of the leading suppliers of waste handling solutions

    We develop and produce reliable and user-friendly balers and compactors for cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials.

  • Man in working clothes ejects cardboard bale from galvanized baler

    We introduce the X25 Galvanized baler

    A baler with a special surface treatment for special demands.

  • Fancy cars in a row in front of Olsons Ace Hardware

    Olsons Ace Hardware in Chicago replaced old baler

    Their new X25 vertical baler gives them more reliable waste handling.

  • Bramidan X30 AD baler in front of production line at Cosmeva

    Cosmeva invested in 7 balers with automatic doors

    Giving efficient compaction and annual savings of 170,000 Euro.

  • Baler with unique sliding door

    World News - sliding door that closes and opens fully automatically

    Bramidan developed a unique sliding door which makes waste handling even quicker and more efficient.

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Your Industry

Your Industry

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Waste Types

Waste Types

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Our balers are reliable and user-friendly machines of the highest quality on the market.

News & Events


The B4 baler compacts Carrefour’s waste to a third

French convenience store chose a B4 baler and now successfully compact their waste to a third of its volume


Waste pick-ups reduced to a fifth

A drastic cut in facility management is not a problem for Deloitte with their new baler


Horizontal baler handles recyclable fruit packaging

Poland's leading distributor of fruit and vegetables uses a horizontal baler for their surplus packaging materials


We want every fibre back

That was the conclusion on a recent forum in Brussels on the role of cardboard in the circular economy


Reduced costs and increased reusability

Packaging producer has cut waste removal costs and increased reuse to at least 40 pct. with a baler


Balers improve hospitality at luxury hotels

Rather than handling waste, staff can concentrate on ensuring top-notch hospitality.


International electronics supplier chooses a Bramidan solution

When Functional Devices' old cardboard baler broke down, the B30 Wide from Bramidan was shortlisted as the obvious replacement


Efficient cardboard handling at denim factory

A B30 Wide tackles cardboard waste overflowing the factory at Citizens of Humanity


Denmark leads the global way in recycling

Ambitious policies and a green commitment makes Denmark a global top recycler