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More time for what really matters

After Sauer-Danfoss installed balers from Bramidan, the efficiency in the production increased considerably. At the same time they have gained more space in the production, less collections of waste, and increased safety for the employees.
  • Production hall at Sauer-Danfoss with boxes and orange pallet lifters
  • Woman by assembly line and man with cardboard by yellow baler
  • Sauer-Danfoss employee throws cardboard boxes into a Bramidan baler
  • Female worker assembles components at Sauer-Danfoss
  • Women in assembly area at Sauer-Danfoss with Bramidan baler
  • Woman in blouse assembles parts at assembly line at Sauer-Danfoss
  • Truck driver takes cardboard bale to yard at Sauer-Danfoss
We wanted to increase the production area and have less waste collections, and to increase safety."
Henning Sørensen, Strategic Purchaser

Business advantages
  1. Cut total waste handling costs
  2. Better internal logistics
  3. Improved productivity
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The Danish company Sauer-Danfoss is a global producer of hydraulic and electronic systems for mobile equipment, such as forklifts, tractors, cranes and contractor equipment. At the factory in Nordborg components and spareparts from sub-suppliers worldwide are unpacked and assembled in the fitting area.

The components are delivered, safely wrapped in cardboard, paper and plastic to protect the contents against rust. When repacked for use at the assembly line, all packaging must be removed immediately. Therefore the waste is compacted in Bramidan balers.

Efficient workflow

Four years ago Sauer-Danfoss introduced the balers, when the company reorganized the working routines in the factory, using LEAN principles.

“The balers had to fulfil four main purposes. We wanted to increase the production area; to have less waste collections, no containers at the exits, and finally we wanted to increase safety in the production area”, says Henning Sørensen, strategic purchaser at Sauer-Danfoss.

Four of the 10 balers were installed in the section, which manufactures control units. The balers are placed strategically in the fitting areas where all received parts are unpacked. Placing the balers so close to the waste source, saves time in the daily routines.

“We used to have containers standing outside, and the employees had to go outside with waste. Now they throw it directly into a baler. The compacted bale is picked up by a forklift, which takes it away for recycling,” tells Henning Sørensen.

Secure with leasing

All balers are leased with a full service agreement. This means that adjustments, repairs and maintenance are done automatically. A technician from Bramidan visits the company once a year and carries out a service check on all the machines. Sauer-Danfoss knows the monthly costs, and there are no additional invoices.

“At Sauer-Danfoss we have a principle – we only do what we are good at. We buy services, which are outside our core business. A leasing agreement is the best solution for us, because we do not have the resources to maintain the machines ourselves,” says Henning Sørensen, who expresses great satisfaction with the balers.

“We have really good experience with the machines from Bramidan, and I do not remember any break downs at all. This is probably due the continuous service agreement, but it’s also a proof of quality pro-ducts,” he adds.

Facts about Sauer-Danfoss

The company has approx. 7500 employees worldwide. The division in Nordborg has 10 balers placed in different areas. Model X16 and X25 are used for compressing cardboard and paper waste, and model B4 is used for plastic waste.