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Two small balers for easy waste compaction

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Small footprint balers B4 and B3 from Bramidan

We reintroduce our small B3 and B4 footprint balers for cardboard and plastic waste

We have redesigned our B3 and revived our B4. Two small balers for recycling in Small Format Retail Stores and in hotels and restaurants.

The balers offer you a lot of advantages and their small sizes make them easy to install even in tight spaces.

Video about baler models B3 and B4

1. Low overall height
• Less than 2 meters (1885 mm)

2. Easy installation
• Front operated for installation in tight spaces and
  close to the wall
• The baler can be moved with all types of pallet

3. Low noise level

• They make no more noise than a vacuum cleaner
• For a good working environmentGirl demonstrate low noise level of Bramidan baler
4. User friendly balers
• Automatic indication of full chamber
• Automatic prevention of overstuffing
• Simple control panel
• Easily understood instructional pictograms
• Strap rolls are placed in front
• A safe knife near the top for cutting straps

5. High level of safety
• A threaded spindle ensures steady and safe
  opening of the main door.
• Complies with the European Safety Standard,
  EN16500Video about safety standard EN16500

6. What waste types?
• Cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastics

With baler B4 you get extra advantages:

1. Extra low noise level
• Only 59-60 dB

2. Automatic bale ejection system
• Eject the bale using a safe 2-hand operation

3. Ideal for small, light bales
• Use this baler when you need small bales with heights starting from 350 mm
• Or high density bales and up to 20% more capacity than model B3

B3 - click here to see details
B4 - click here to see details

Dark haired woman fills plastic waste into B4 baler from Bramidan
B3 and B4 are the smallest balers in our Series of Small Footprint Balers.

Small cardboard bale in front of B3 balerBALE SIZES - B3: Cardboard bales of 30-50 kg and plastic bales of 40-60 kg.

Small plastic bale in front of Bramidan baler B4BALE SIZES - B4: cardboard bales of 40-60 kg and plastic bales of 50-70 kg.