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Denmark leads the global way in recycling

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Ambitious policies and a green commitment makes Denmark a global top recycler

In 1978, Denmark introduced the world’s first law on recycling. Since then, the Danish recycling rates have gone continuously up.

Recycling – a Danish core expertise

Today, at least 67 pct. of the total amount of waste in Denmark is recycled.

The recycling rate of beverage packaging is 89 pct., which makes the Danish deposit-return system one of the world's most efficient collection systems.
Pie chart illustrating the amount of recycled, landfilled and incinerated waste
Only 5 pct. of Danish waste ends up in landfills. This makes Denmark one of the top recycling countries in the world.

Green business models

The long-term Danish dedication to sustainability has made Danish companies experts in recycling and waste handling. Every day, Danish solutions make a difference on the global waste handling agenda.

For 40 years, Bramidan has developed and perfected machines for handling recyclable materials. Using our technologies, paper, cardboard, plastic, packaging or production waste is now easier to recycle than ever before.

Boosting the circular economy benefits the environment

Recycling more materials means that forests and natural resources are preserved. It also means that energy is saved on processing new materials.

Sending more materials and minerals back into the economic cycle benefits the environment.

Learn from the best

Global focus on waste prevention means that it is more profitable to recycle than ever before - and Denmark can show you how.

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