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Distributor Inteko supplies over 25 balers to Supermarket chain

25 March 2020

T-market installed 25 small B5 Wide balers to handle their growing cardboard waste. Their challenges were burdening waste handling and too many transports.

People entering Bulgarian Supermarket T-Market People entering Bulgarian Supermarket T-Market

The Bulgarian subsidiary T Market, of renowned Supermarket chain Holding Maxima Grupe from Lithuania, has chosen Bramidan balers to solve many of its growing cardboard waste demands.

The expansion of the Supermarket chain in Bulgaria, whose business is growing both in terms of number of shops and turnover, has led to the need for installing vertical balers.

Challenges in waste collection

Before deciding to invest in balers, the staff in the shops was exposed to following challenges with the collection of cardboard waste;

  • stopVolume reduction – In order to reduce the volume, the staff had to by tear and flatten the cardboard boxes. A burdening daily task, which did not solve even half of the space problem.
  • stopMany waste collections - The trucks had to make numerous trips to and from the shops to transport cardboard waste at their recycler.
  • stopUnclear billing - The weight of the waste was difficult to keep account of, due to the fluctuation of the gathered cardboard weight per volume.

Waste compaction provided free space

Now, with their new B5 Wide balers, the above challenges were sorted in the most modern way.

No more manual tearing of the carton boxes and no more “traffic jams” in the storage areas, as more space is now available for organizing the main products.

Why choose Inteko as supplier?

When choosing a supplier, T-Market’s most important criteria were:

  • stopRobustness
  • stopEase of operation
  • stopLow cost of ownership
  • stopLocal support

Less transportation – better for the environment

In their quest for being a green company, doing the best possible for the environment, T Market’s installation of Bramidan balers has led to significantly less transportation.

The dense bales produced by the B5 Wide balers also provides ease of operation for the recycler, leading to better conditions for the Supermarkets when selling their cardboard waste.


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