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Advanced robots paint balers

27 januar 2020

Bramidan has invested 3.3 mio. Euro in new technology. This includes advanced painting robots that are programmed through a Virtual Reality interface.

Bramidan has the factory of the future

With recent years' investments, Bramidan are heading towards becoming one of the most efficient factories in Europe within manufacture of waste handling equipment. This is achieved through the development of a digital monitoring system and a production with state-of-the-art facilities such as welding and painting robots.

Intelligent monitoring system

Customers are offered the intelligent BRA-IN monitoring system, which can collect valuable data from machines placed around the world. These data help customers optimize logistics and provide significant savings in their waste management.

Bramidan employee controls painting robot through VR interface

Programming with VR-interface

The latest initiative is a new factory hall with an automatic washer and advanced painting robots that are programmed to paint the balers by means of a virtual reality interface. All these initiatives are made in order to offer customers the most efficient balers for waste handling on the market.

Collage picture with director standing in front of the welding plant and employee wearing VR glasses

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