Highlights and product features

For large needs and limited space

The horizontal balers are suitable if you need an efficient and compact solution with high capacity.

Fully automatic solution

Load the baler continuously and enjoy automatic press cycles and bale tying. You can connect to a conveyor or pneumatic system if relevant.

Horizontal balers for extra large waste volumes:

  • stop Fully automatic
  • stop Compact solution – requires minimal floor space
  • stop Continuous loading
  • stop Automatic bale tying
  • stop Low noise level
  • stop Flexible output – adjustable bale length
  • stop Extra wide feed opening

How does the horizontal baler work?

Efficient work flow with continous filling of waste

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the hopper.
  2. An automatic light barrier starts the pressing cycle.
  3. Bales are tied automatically and pushed out of the channel.
  4. Remove the finished bales with a pallet jack.

Models in this range


The most compact design for a horizontal baler. Used for compacting cardboard, paper and plastic foil into high density bales.

  • doneTakes up a minimum of space
  • doneContinues feeding
  • doneFlexible output

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Fully automatic baler with high capacity. For compacting high volumes of recyclables and making stackable bales

  • doneNumerable loading options
  • doneLarge filling opening
  • doneSimple operation

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Who uses our horizontal balers?

Many types of customers use our horizontal channel balers for waste compaction:

They benefit from a Bramidan solution

Retail Stores

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Distribution & Warehouse

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Industry & Manufacturing

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Waste Handling Companies

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Questions asked about our horizontal balers

It is very easy to operate, but training in correct use of the machine is necessary. We recommend appointing one employee as ‘super user’. The ‘super user’ can train other employees and supervise their use of the machine to avoid accidents and machine malfunction. The ‘super user’ should also be trained in and be responsible for maintenance and light machine repairs.

A horizontal baler can be used to compress soft materials such as cardboard, paper, and shredded PET.

The horizontal baler can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The machine requires a solid foundation e.g. concrete or pavement that can support the weight.

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