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Baler B3

The model B3 is the right choice of baler when you want to combine high compaction with a small footprint and low height. It fits where you need it.

Highlights and product features

Ramp or floor filling?

The HGS18 F offers you the flexibility to change the way of filling your waste into the mobile compactor.

Processes various waste types cardboard, paper, plastic or mixed waste, the HGS18F is ready to efficiently compact many different waste types.


HGS18 F - a flexible mobile compactor:

  • stop One compactor - flexible filling options
  • stop Size: 18 m3
  • stop For many types of waste

Details and benefits

Floor filling

The foldable hook combined with the low filling height makes loading you waste troublefree.

Ramp filling

By mounting the delivered frontplate and moving the controlpanel up, your HGS18 F is now ready to beplaced to a ramp.


Filling opening

The HGS18 F offers you a large filling opening to prevent cardboard getting stock in the chamber and to offer you maksimum loading space.


Easy emptying

The conical shaped container offers you easy emptying.



Logos and colours

The round shaped container is the ideel space for you company name or advertisement. You can even choose between a wide range of RAL colours.



Handling the HGS18 F

The HGS18 F are delivered with Hook and wire on both sides and with 4 wheels - easy for your renovator to handle.




Questions asked about our Tipping Systems

Our tipping systems are for standard plastic containers between 370 litres and up to 1100 litres.

Yes, you can. We offer tipping systems with wheels so that you can lift your stationary plastic containers and bring them to your compactor. The wheels come in a fixed or flexible version and are equipped with brakes for your safety.

Yes. Our tipping systems can be used for EUR pallets with 2-4 frames. It only requires a simple adaptor.

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