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Hotel & Restaurants

Efficient waste handling improves your hotel or restaurant’s daily efficiency and bottom line performance, and at the same time your guests’ experience.
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Waste is colleted on demand - two bales at a time - instead of daily collections.
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Business Advantages
  1. Reduced rental and collection costs
  2. Better working environment
  3. Better hygiene
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Spend time on customers – not waste

In such busy environments cardboard, paper and plastic waste can quickly get in the way of daily business if not disposed of quickly. Your guests expect a quality experience and a high level of service, and your employees’ time is better spent on taking care of their needs rather than handling waste.

For many years a common way to dispose of waste has been to throw it unsorted into a container, which is collected at regular intervals and sent for incineration or landfill - all at a cost that continues to rise.

Save time, space and costs

Why accept being billed for a container that is full of air? In our experience an efficient baler with a small footprint, placed near the source of the waste, reduces handling costs and time spent. At the same time a baler is an investment that in most cases pays for itself much faster than people typically expect.

Free up time for customers

Installing user-friendly balers that are perfectly suited to the special needs of hotels and restaurants saves valuable time, which can be spent on customer service.

We can help you choose the right baler solution, so you will not only experience better internal logistics, but also increased revenues on recyclable materials.