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Ace Hardware replaced old baler due to high service costs

A reliable solution was important for Ace Hardware and therefore they purchased a X25 baler from Bramidan
  • Parking area in front of entrance to Olsons Ace Hardware
  • Staff members in red T-shirts inside Olsons store in Chicago
  • Female employee throws cardboard into Bramidan baler in storage room
  • Bramidan baler in stockroom being filled with cardboard by a man
  • Compacted bale tipped out of Bramidan baler in storage room
We were impressed with the way your crew removed our old baler. The new X25 HD is ideal for our waste handling needs.
Dan Olson, Manager
Olson’s Ace Hardware, Chicago

Business advantages
  1. Reduce total waste handling costs
  2. Better internal logistics
  3. More free space
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Olsons´s Ace Hardware took ownership of an old vertical baler placed in the buildings of the retail store they acquired in Chicago. But the old baler, a "Muncher", required new spare parts all the time and more maintenance, and the manager Dan Olson decided to buy a new vertical baler.


A compact baler for limited space

Dan Olson realized that only few baler manufacturers could supply the required compact baler, he needed. However, he found Bramidan Balers through some online research. Together with SC Environmental, a local recycling specialist in Chicago, Bramidan recommended the strong X25 baler as an excellent choice.


Reliable recycling for many years to come

With the new baler, Olson’s Ace Hardware can expect reliable recycling for the next 10-15 years and no significant repair or service costs. This baler enables quick and efficient waste handling, and at the same time very easy operation. At present, the installed X25 baler is able to produce a cardboard bale weighing around 270 kg. The manager Dan Olson is very satisfied with his new vertical baler and also the installation provided by SC Environmental: “The type of baler is perfect for our recycling needs. I was also very impressed with the way your crew removed our old baler”.


Safety for employees and low noise level

Another circumstance which led to the investment in a X25 baler was the very low noise level compared to the previous baler. Before, the customers who were shopping in the store, could to hear the baler operating in the stockroom. Cardboard is now compated at a noise level around 60 db. Customers no longer hear disturbing noise in the store area, and the employees at Olson’s Ace Hardware are even able to have a conversation during compaction of cardboard waste.


The X25 baler is very safe since there are no open slots and no pinch points. It offers the highest degree of safety, and the finished bale is ejected with a safe two-hand ejection on the side of the machine.


Facts about the company

Olson’s Ace Hardware store is one out of 80 franchise stores located near Chicago, within a 20 mile radius. In 1976 Olson’s Ace Hardware relocated to their current location in Franklin Park, and actually the store was one of the largest in the nation at that time.