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New European Safety Standard - EN16500

In spring 2015 a new European safety standard for vertical balers was released. It is called EN16500 and prescribes a very high safety level for all essential functions of the baler.
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Rema 1000 employee using Bramidan baler
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I use this baler to compact cardboard. It's easy and it's safe. I feel nothing can go wrong.
Mr Hans Lautrup, Sales assistant
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Safe by design

Bramidan balers are developed and manufactured with the baler operator in mind. The user of the baler must be protected through all aspects of the operation.
Bramidan baler complies with EN16500 Safety standard Yellow Bramidan baler and EN16500 Safety Standard label

A European standard for all-in details of safe baler design

The EN16500 describes in details how vertical balers shall be produced to obtain the highest level of safety. In relation to the CE marking, the new standard is now a part of this with the following safety points:

No 1 Safety argument EN16500 - man filling cardboard into Bramidan baler Door switch must be tamper proof, to prevent operation with an open door. That is why you have to open and close the filling door after each cycle:

The safety related parts of the control system shall meet the required performance level PLr d.

No 2 Safety argument EN16500 - tamper proof door switch on Bramidan balerDoor switch must have a dual function. Eg. if a door switch breaks, the control unit will identify the failure and deny activation of the press plate:

The safety related parts of the control system shall meet the required performance level PLr d.

No 3 Safety argument EN16500 - spindle used for safe opening of baler doorThe baler must be made in a way to prevent the lower door from opening too fast, causing injuries:

Impact injuries caused by the lower door flying open in an uncontrolled manner shall be prevented.

No 4 Safety argument EN16500 - two-hand operation placed on side of balerThe two-hand operation must be placed on the side of the baler:

The two-handed controls for bale ejection shall be positioned outside the area where the bale is to be ejected and where the operator has a good view of that area.

No 5 Safety argument EN16500 - two handed operation for safe bale ejectionThe bale must be ejected by pushing two buttons exactly at the same time, and not to be tampered with (accuracy Δ t 0.5 sec):

Two-handed control for the bale ejection driven by the retraction of the compression plate shall meet PLr d safety level.

No 6 Safety argument EN16500 - ejection mechanism inside yellow Bramidan balerSpeed of bale ejection onto the pallet or floor must be controllable:

The speed of the ejection mechanism shall be controlled to prevent a full height bale turning over more than 90 degrees when it is ejected.

No 7 Safety argument EN16500 - low noise level of Bramidan baler 59-60 dBFocus on acceptable noise level.

Noise level must be reduced to the lowest possible level.

Watch Bramidan video of EN16500

We made a video to explain what effect the safety regulations of EN16500 have on everyday life of a baler operator.