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Use recycling racks to sort your waste types
No. 3105-010 Wall mounted model
No. 3105-003 Small model
No. 3105-009 Big model
No. 3716-063 Plastic bags 240 litre
No. 3716-068 Plastic bags 400 litre
No. 3105-005 Set of wheels
No. 3105-006 Sign holder

Make it easy to seperate waste types - place racks at the waste source

By ordering several recycling racks for sorting waste such as soft plastic, paper and the like, it is easy for the employees to sort waste.

We offer 3 models: wall mounted, small rack (240 litre bags) and big rack (400 litre bags).

With the small sign holder you are able to clarify, which types of waste that go in what recycling racks.
Set of wheels and sign holder for recycling rack Wheels can be mounted. Sign holder shows waste type. Place the roll with extra bags in the holder on the side of the rack.

Waste sorted for recycling

A recycling rack next to your baler makes it easy and fast to sort your residual waste. You can fill in cardboard in the baler and sort soft plastic, styrofoam etc. in recycling racks.
3 models of recycling racks with conical opening Wall mounted model used for paper towels. Big, small and wall mounted model. Conical opening keeps the waste down in the bag.
You keep your warehouse nice and tidy, which means a better working environment for your employees.
  1. Nice and tidy - better working environment
  2. Rational working day - employees saves time
  3. Sort by waste types - makes it easy to send for recycling