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We want every fibre back

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That was the conclusion on a recent forum in Brussels on the role of cardboard in the circular economy

The circular economy means increasing resource efficiency and reducing the use of minerals and raw materials. Cardboard packaging is a perfect example of this: packaging material is collected after use, sorted, and made into new paper and cardboard packaging.

A recently held business forum, Circular by Nature, in Brussels brought together European key society and industry representatives to discuss the importance of recycling packaging materials. The forum was organized by EURACTIV and FEFCO, European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.

The forum followed the European Parliament’s vote to increase recycling ambitions for the EU, the so-called waste package.

85 pct. recycling – but we can do more!

“Paper and cardboard packaging is a champion in recycling with 84.7 pct. recycling rates” said Stefano Rossi, CEO of Packaging, DS Smith, during the forum, “but we can do more.”

Panelists debating

The key to unlocking the full potential of paper and cardboard recycling is a shift in focus from recycling to collection: “We need help from the institutions and from every single person in Europe to get every fibre back so we can recycle it! Better collection leads to more material for recycling. We are committed – and have the capacity in Europe – to recycle up to 100 pct. of what is collected,” Rossi concluded.

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