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International electronics supplier chooses a Bramidan solution

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Bramidan baler B30 Wide and two stacked cardboard bales

When Functional Devices' old cardboard baler broke down, the B30 Wide from Bramidan was shortlisted as the obvious replacement

When Functional Devices, a producer of electronic devices based in Kokomo, Indiana, moved to new production premises, they inherited an old baler from the previous owners.

The baler opened their eyes to the benefits of compacting waste, but the inherited machine was outdated and not fit to handle their needs.

Broken-down and leaking oil

Functional Devices designs and produces all types of electronic devices for the international market. Their energy saving products are featured in buildings projects all over the world.

During their daily operations, they generate a significant amount of cardboard waste – and when their old machine started leaking oil, they needed an updated and safe successor.Employee fills cardboard waste into Bramidan B30 Wide baler

In collaboration with one of the area's leading recyclers and distributors, KCS Group, the electronics company researched the market to find an efficient and cost-effective option that met their recycling needs. The Bramidan B30 Wide cardboard baler was quickly shortlisted as the obvious replacement.

Safety is paramount

After staff expressed safety concerns with using the old baler, safety was paramount in Functional Devices’ decision to invest in a baler from Bramidan.Yellow Bramidan baler B30 Wide placed close to the wall

Since installing the B30 Wide, staff has reported no injuries. In addition, they express an increased level of satisfaction with baling cardboard.

Superior safety

Because there are no moving parts on the outside of the machine, staff do not need to take any special safety precautions when operating the baler. Build-in safety mechanisms ensure that the baler meets the highest European safety standard available, the EN16500.

The machine also requires less maintenance and can run multiple cycles a day without losing performance.

Learn more about the safety standard EN16500

Easy to use

Compared to the old baler, employees say that the new vertical baler is very user-friendly.

The large opening and large chamber mean that staff spend less time breaking down cardboard boxes, because large and bulky boxes can be thrown right in.

Unexpected profit and benefit

Simply by using the baler, Functional Devices can generate an unexpected profit. They can sell the finished cardboard bales to recyclers for a profit.

Another added benefit is they are keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill - a direct environmental benefit.

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A yellow building with the name Functional Devices in black over the door