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Horizontal baler handles recyclable fruit packaging

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 Man in safety vest throws waste into a channel baler

Poland's leading distributor of fruit and vegetables uses a horizontal baler for their surplus packaging materials

Amplus, based in Niegardów near Kraków in Southern Poland, is a well-known producer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables.

They supply the largest retail chains in Poland and Europe with fresh-grown produce.

The company has used vertical balers from Bramidan for several years to handle the massive quantities of waste that is generated when produce is treated and prepared for distribution. The waste consists of recyclable material such as cardboard packaging and soft plastic wrapping.

Thanks to the balers, managing the recyclable waste has been easy and less time-consuming for employees.

New state-of-the-art storage facility

Recently, the company invested in a new and modern storage and refrigeration facility in Prandocin-Iły. On this occasion, their machine park was overhauled and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. This included their waste handling solution, which was upgraded from vertical balers to a horizontal channel baler to optimize their waste handling.

The vertical balers were almost at capacity, and valuable time was wasted emptying the balers and handle the bales.

Having used their vertical balers with great satisfaction, they reached out to Bramidan to supply the horizontal solution as well.

 Grey HC30 channel baler from Bramidan in the Amplus storage center

Small channel baler fit perfectly

Based on their work processes and the space they had available for a horizontal solution, the answer was a HC30 baler. This model is an automatic high-performance press, ideal for handling large amounts of waste, but requires minimum floor space.

Thanks to these practical features, the HC30 baler is ideal for use in warehouses, industrial plants, and logistics companies.

Now, Amplus employees can get rid of the huge amounts of cardboard boxes and plastic wrappings quickly and efficiently - and the new storage facility is always clean.

Using a Bramidan solution is environmentally responsible

Amplus focuses on good manufacturing practices and lenient ecological cultivation.

As a member of the Responsible Business Forum, Amplus must take responsibility and lead the way in sustainable business practices. This includes their waste handling.

Equipment from Bramidan fits Amplus’ business agenda perfectly because the solutions make it easy to handle recyclable waste.