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Galvanized balers for wet or demanding environments

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Man ejecting cardboad bale from a galvanized baler

The first baler we introduce with a galvanized surface is our model X25 Galv in the X-series of vertical balers.

It can be used for applications where you have no special hygienic demands for a stainless material, however, where demands on surface treatment are so severe that an ordinary painted baler would have a rather short lifetime. You can place a galvanized baler outside, and it will withstand even rough weather conditions.

Noiseless and easy to install
Due to a unique hydraulic system this machine has a very low noise level of
59-60 dB. Like other balers in our X-series the X25 Galv has strong cross cylinders and a very low overall height, and is therefore easy to install.

Learn more about the technical specifications of this baler.

  1. Press force: 25 tons
  2. Bale weight: 200-350 kgs
  3. Waste types: cardboard, plastic and other recyclables.
Man operates galvanized baler and cuts straps for tying finished bale
Galvanized balers are e.g. suitable for customers within the food industry as well as companies with PET bottles with residuals.

Women cleaning fish - woman carries boxes with food - PET bottles

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