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Think small

What we do is actually very simple. We take things that are unnecessarily big and make them small.
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Think small and achieve big results

In today’s business every element of a company’s activity has an effect on the bottom line. Inefficient waste handling is time consuming, expensive and takes time and energy from what really matters. Helping you think small, is big business for you - and us.

Obtain big results with a small investment

A Bramidan baler is in fact a small investment compared to not compacting your waste. Loose waste is expensive in handling, collection and rental costs. But highly compacted bales of cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials increase your income considerably.

Be efficient with small manpower efforts

When your staff compact waste at source, they save time, which can be used on more profitable activities. Less collection and transport of loose waste gives better internal logistics and greater productivity.

Get more room in small spaces

Compacting and baling gives more free space. You can store high-density bales in small places. At the same time your workflow is smoother and creates a safer environment for your staff.

Take small steps with large environmental benefits

When you compact waste for recycling, you promote better tidiness and hygiene at your workplace. But you also take steps towards less pollution of the natural environment.