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Our history

Bramidan started as a small, family owned business and expanded into an international company with a strong, popular brand and a global network of distributors.
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How it all began...

1975 - Farming equipment

Bramidan was founded in 1975 as a small, family owned business that sold farming equipment in the beginning. Things were quite tight at that time, so Anders and Annelise Haahr Jensen, the founders of Bramidan, did their best to keep the business going.

Anders Haahr Jensen in front of a farming machine Anders Haahr Jensen in front of a farming machine

1981 - The very first baler

The local Community Recycling Centre in Bramming contacted Bramidan and asked, if they could design and manufacture a vertical baler to compact cardboard waste at the local recycling centre.
Annelise and Anders Haahr Jensen in front of the first Bramidan baler Annelise and Anders Haahr Jensen in front of the first Bramidan baler.

The very first baler was made, and the Jensens decided to change direction and enter the market for waste handling equipment.

Actually, this first baler is still working. At Bramidan's 25th anniversary in 2000 it was placed inside the administration building of the headquarters in Bramming, where it is proudly shown to costumers and visitors.


1985 - The first exhibition

Bramidan exhibited for the first time at the Danish Industry & Trade Fair in Herning with a line of yellow vertical balers, with three different models. It became a huge success.
Anders Haahr Jensen (left) on a business trip to Israel Anders Haahr Jensen (left) on a business trip to Israel

1990 - Selling balers abroad

The company moved into new premises in Bramming, Industrivej 69 - its present location.

The range of vertical balers was introduced to the Scandinavian and German markets.

Bramidan continued to grow with an international network of distributors. Israel was added to the map and soon after Belgium, Ireland and the UK.

1995 - The Golden Anvil award

The Jensen’s were awarded with the Golden Anvil from by the Danish Blacksmith Association for their efforts.

1998 - Balers with cross cylinders

New balers with cross cylinders and a compact design were developed to meet the requirements of the customers.

1999 - Royal award

The existing production area was extended with a 1800 m² assembly hall and top modern painting facilities. At this time Bramidan was present in more than 20 countries worldwide.
Royal award handed over to Annelise and Anders In June 1999 His Royal Highness Prince Henrik handed over an official award to Annelise and Anders Haahr Jensen for their well-earned achievements within Danish export.

1999 - Sales office in Holland

In December a sales office was established in Holland by Inge Haahr Jensen. With a local sales force close to Amsterdam, Bramidan was now ready to enter the Dutch market.

2000 - Celebrating 25th anniversary

Bramidan celebrated 25th anniversary; now with an increased number of employees, which also made an extension of the head office necessary. New administration facilities were built.
Bramidan balers exhibition in Japan Bramidan balers exhibited in Japan.

2002 - Sales drive in Asia and Oceanien

With sales activities in Asia and Oceanien also countries like Japan and Australia were added to the long list of export markets. 40’ containers loaded with balers are shipped continuously to the other side of the world.

2004 - Change in ownership

A change in ownership took place in April 2004.
The founders of Bramidan, Anders and Annelise Haahr Jensen sold the majority of the company to the investment company Industri Udvikling and to the Managing Director Henrik Dueholm Madsen and his wife.

2007 - Launch of horizontal balers

A new range of horizontal balers with automatic binding was introduced.

2008 - Sales office in Poland

A sales office was established in Poland with Rafal Sukiennik as Manager. The office is located in Cracow with a sales team that is operating with sales and service of machines in the whole country.
Baler with a unique automatic door, for which a patent has been applied Baler with a unique automatic door, for which a patent has been applied

2010 - New generation of balers

The main machines in the B- and X-series were redesigned with new functionalities, faster cycle time, an extra low noise level and a new visual appearance.

2012 - Sales office in Chicago

A sales office was established in North America. Its office is located in Chicago with Kristian Buur as manager, dedicated to sell and service machines developed specifically for the US market.

2012 - Sales office in France

In France our previous distributor Axiome became official Bramidan sales office with Philippe Missonier as manager.

2015 - Change in ownership

SE Blue Equity are new shareholders of Bramidan together with the CEO Henrik Dueholm Madsen and founder Anders Haahr Jensen, supporting the previous years of progress and success abroad.

2015 - Celebrating 40th anniversary

Friday 9th April 2015 Bramidan celebrated their 40th anniversary. For this event a video of the Bramidan History was made.

2016 - Bramidan NL in association with PRESTO

Our Dutch department merged the sales and service activities with Presto Netherlands. The new company Bramidan Netherlands B.V. continues to sell PRESTO compactors and horizontal balers as previously, but now with strenghtened cooperation and better service for all customers in the Netherlands.