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Environmental Policy

Bramidan’s environmental policy and occupational health and safety policy are applicable to all activities of our business.
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Environmental policy


We will meet or exceed applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations.

Environmental management

We have introduced an environmental management system to reduce the company’s environmental impact and continually implement environmental improvements.

Resources and waste

Our focus is always on optimal utilisation of raw materials and processing aids through production planning so that resource consumption and waste volume is minimised. The company’s consumption of paint and paint waste has very high priority.

We store and handle raw materials, processing aids, and waste in an environmentally safe way. Spills and risk of accidents are limited to a minimum.


We keep finding ways to reduce the emissions of organic solvents from the paint process through production planning and choice of paint types.

We systematically work to reduce energy consumption, with a particular emphasis on ventilation, compressed air system, and heating system.


We aim to prevent accidents and malfunctions through treatment measures and systematic maintenance of facilities.

We implement self-monitoring and keep environmental records of selected polluting processes, with an emphasis on the company’s painting and drying process.

New facilities/modifications

We allow environmental and energy issues to be included in the assessments relating to new facilities or changes in production.


We actively involve our employees in the environmental issues of suppliers through constant information and education.

Environmental Impact Statement

We prepare environmental key figures every year in connection with financial statements. This makes it possible to closely monitore the environmental load and to open a dialogue with the company’s customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

Environmental accounts

We work towards keeping internal environmental accounts.

Occupational health and safety policy

The goal of Bramidan’s occupational health and safety policy is to highly prioritise occupational health and safety in the company’s daily operations, and thus ensure the employees’ health and safety in performing their daily work.

We have a safety organisation consisting of a safety committee and two safety groups – one group for production/technical, and one group for administration/assembly and service. A general safety manager has also been appointed.


We meet or exceed applicable occupational health laws and rules imposed by the authorities.

Environmental management

We integrate occupational health and safety into the company’s environmental management system.

Workplace risk assessment

We constantly update the status of the company’s workplace risk assessment. Twice a year, conduct an occupational health review of the company.


We construct a system for registering workplace accidents.


We emphasise the education and training of employees in occupational health and safety in order to promote motivation and engagement. We make sure that new employees go through instruction and training regarding occupational health and safety.

New facilities/modifications

We conduct occupational health and safety assessments before implementation, when there are changes or expansions in production.